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Paper can't wait

Newspapers, books, letters – even in the age of the Internet, paper is still indispensable. We make sure that paper and pulp arrive speedily wherever they are needed – all over Europe, with just-in-time delivery.

Today DB Cargo carries around 6.5 million tons of paper and pulp a year, all over Europe. Our special strength lies in covering long distances reliably and smoothly.

To meet the special requirements of our customers, we provide the most suitable transport equipment. Paper rolls can be carried just as well in either an upright or a horizontal position. Our special equipment enables safe transport of your goods to national and international destinations.

For customers without a siding of their own, we can organize access by truck via buffer warehouses, like our Railports. We have numerous warehousing facilities of this kind in Germany and throughout Europe. This allows us to supply printing works by special road trucks on the basis of just-in-time deliveries.

Our core competencies

In addition to the large quantities delivered directly from plants, vast amounts of paper and pulp arrive at the major European seaports from all over the world. DB Cargo reliably links the seaports to the hinterland. Our partners at the ports can be relied on to deal with the transshipment and loading of the goods, and DB Cargo then undertakes to distribute them to printing works and paper manufacturers all over Europe.

Paper logistics is one of our core competencies. Our sector-specific product DBpaper-solution stands for our special expertise in this segment. DBpaper-solution provides reliable links between the main national and international production sites and printing works. The services we offer are rounded out by integral and optional service modules, enabling us to meet any kind of special customer requirements to the full extent.

Our goal is to transfer the high level of quality provided inside Germany to the key European paper corridors. Our specialists developed DBpaper-solution International specifically for this purpose. With DBpaper-solution International, we offer ancillary and value-added services not only in Germany, but also beyond.

Here are a few practical examples:

  • Support of customers in the development of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly concepts for shipment of paper to purchasers in Germany, Italy and France.
  • Providing a reliable link between European paper plants and ports and the hinterland. In the process, we ensure distribution throughout Europe of large volumes of paper and pulp to supply printing works and paper manufacturers.
  • Supplying reliable shuttle connections to Spain, France and Italy.