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A powerful and effective solution for the paper and pulp industry

With DBpaper-solution, DB Cargo has created a sector-specific product for the paper and pulp industry, linking the most important production and processing sites in this sector.

Having regard to the critical timing of production operations in this industry, punctuality is ensured by strictly defined transit times and the meticulous handling of all shipments.

The special feature of the sectorspecific product DBpaper-solution is that the customer is given a comprehensive and reliable service package - one that meets the specific transport requirements of his product. He also has the option of adding to the integral features of the package by choosing from a selection of optional features.

Integral and optional product properties

The integral product properties include the following features:

  • Prioritized transport chain (reliable transit times and consignment monitoring)
  • Customer support from the Pulp & Paper specialist team
  • Proactive customer information
  • Quality report
  • Sector-specific freight cars

Adding to this in keeping with their needs, our customers can also choose from the supplementary service modules Plant Logistics, Warehousing and Door to Door via Terminal.

The services offered under DBpaper-solution  are an effective response to the growing requirements of customers in the paper and pulp industry. DBpaper-solution  will be extended to further national and international routes in future.