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Transporting chemicals and hazardous goods – safe, environment - conscious

We have specially developed our trade-specific product DBchem-solution to respond to your expectations for time-sensitive single-car transport.

Safety, reliability and speed are especially important to us. We optimise travel times and increase the punctuality of our connections.

For special priority transports, you have the option to book a contingent. For all transports within the DBchem-solution network, there is an unequivocal regular transit time requirement both for national and international traffic.

With our professional transport management, we coordinate and supervise all transports. Our nationwide transport surveillance brings transparency to your supply chains, so that you can plan more easily and optimise your resource utilisation. Pro-active customer information is a matter of course for us. You will regularly receive updated information for the transport status of your goods.

Transport of hazardous and sensitive goods for us means safety and reliability first and foremost. Competent and experienced coworkers as well as an intelligent management system will mean a worry free hazardous goods transport for you. Our trade oriented service team is available around the clock for you.

DBchem-solution gives you the greatest possible ordering flexibility. You can place your order up to two hours before pickup, there is no minimum quantity and no reservations are required.

In order to keep pace with the growing importance of the chemicals industry, we constantly develop our trade-specific product DBchem-solution further and keep expanding our single car network.

The DBchem-solution network includes Germany as well as the neighbouring European countries of the Netherlands and Belgium with ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. A further expansion on an international level with Austria, Italy and Poland is in the planning stage and implementation has already started.

DBchem-solution rail network