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Transport throughout Germany with one hundred percent green power

Customers who have environment protection featuring prominently will use DB Cargo Eco Plus. Rail transport is already the most environment-friendly transport mode.

Now, you can do even more by selecting the DB Cargo premium product Eco Plus, a one hundred percent CO₂ and atomic energy-free transport option.

For customers who select our Product Eco Plus, all the energy required for traction will be supplied in full from renewable energy sources.

Power consumption for a transport depends on the route and the goods to be transported. Based on this, we make an individualized offer where the savings in CO₂ are clearly visible. When a transport is ordered, DB Energy will source the needed quantity of power from renewable sources and will feed this into the rail power grid. The same quantity of ordinary railroad power mix will be displaced as a consequence.

TÜV SÜD certifies end-to-end process

TÜV SÜD checks our calculation of required energy quantities for which we use EcoTransITworld, the power generation, the feeding into the grid as well as the invoicing process. Every year, customers will receive an individualized document which is also certified by TÜV SÜD and which shows the CO₂ savings that have been realized.

Sustainable promotion of regenerative energy sources

Eco Plus will not just directly avoid the release of substances harmful to climate, for example carbon oxide, into the air. Those who use Eco Plus will also contribute to a sustainable promotion of regenerative energy sources in Germany. Indeed, ten percent of the additional income from the use of Eco Plus will feed into the building of new plants for regenerative power generation, or the expansion of existing ones, such as the first worldwide hybrid power plant in Prenzlau (Brandenburg). Here, wind energy is converted into hydrogen and stored as such. When there is no wind, this reserve will be mixed to the biogas and converted back to power. This facility has been running since the end 2011. Both Die Bahn and the customer thus make a double contribution to environment protection: They at the same time increase the demand for eco power and contribute to innovatory technology.