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Coil-Lager in Hagen
Coil-Lager in Hagen

Steel carrying steel - an effective combination

Steel is indispensable, not just for the railroad but also for the automotive, consumer goods and construction industries and many other sectors as well. The freight train is the ideal means of transporting it.

DB Cargo's Metals & Coal market unit carries more than 50 million tons of steel every year, a third of this in international shipments. This means that DB Cargo is the biggest supplier of the steel works, ahead of the truck and the inland waterway vessel. With our coil shipments we are an important supplier to the automotive industry. And we also play an important part for major steel companies with our inter-plant transport services.

With our fleet of cars we have the resources for the professional handling of coils, profiles, pipes, cast components and even outsize sheet metal. Out of gage shipments, in international transport above all, are a challenge that DB Cargo Metals & Coal is happy to take on.

Complete logistics chains

Whether it is a massive transport operation or a single freight car, DB Cargo Metals & Coal own network of trains and cross-carrier logistics services can provide the organization of the entire logistics chain from the consignor through to the recipient – also including pre-carriage and onward carriage by truck and transshipment at a Railport.

The direct allocation of resources makes it possible for DB Cargo Metals & Coal to plan its transport operations with exceptional efficiency. Even at short notice, it is easy for us to adjust to changes in the customer's requirements and the associated flow of goods.

Here you can count on economical service, with scheduled turnaround cycles, punctual delivery and appropriate deadlines for loading and unloading. And 'paperless freight forwarding' also makes it possible for your national transport operations to be managed digitally.

Managing plant transport operations

If desired, we can take on responsibility for managing plant transport operations, and so ensure that all processes on your premises run smoothly. The seamless incorporation of the existing resources on site means further optimization, with inter-plant shipments providing a reliable supply in the guise of an 'extended rolling mill'