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Within Switzerland and to the whole of Europe

DB Cargo Switzerland – that’s the Swiss subsidiary of DB Cargo, Europe’s largest freight railroad – so signals are always on green for your rail consignments within Switzerland and to the whole of Europe.

What the transport and logistics sector requires of the railroads are all-inclusive European rail services – something liberalization of the European transport sector is now making possible. DB Cargo – Europe’s Number One freight railroad and the largest transport undertaking by volume in Europe – has responded by setting up its own freight railroad in Switzerland as part of the European DB Cargo network. DB Cargo Switzerland is the successor to Brunner Railway Services GmbH, formed back in 2005.

At home at Glattbrugg in the canton of Zurich

This is where all transport and local-delivery services are planned and managed from a dedicated control center with its own specialist staff. DB Cargo Switzerland employs a team with all the skills needed to meet customers’ specific transport requirements.

The focus is on trans-Alpine traffic via Gotthard, customer-based transport services, and transport of petroleum to Swiss fuel depots. DB Cargo Switzerland holds the safety certificates required to operate over large sections of the Swiss standard-gauge network on its own responsibility.

At an international level, DB Cargo Switzerland harnesses all the resources of the European DB Cargo network. These include high-output multi-system locomotives, around a hundred of which can run in Switzerland, as well as some 110,000 modern freight cars serving all of our customers’ transport needs.

Efficient connections with the whole of Europe

The bulk of our transport services are cross-border these days. The Swiss economy, too, is international in outlook and is dependent upon having efficient connections with all European countries and the seaports.

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Head office:

DB Cargo Schweiz GmbH
Sägereistrasse 21
8152 Glattbrugg
Schweiz / Switzerland


Tel.: +41 44 807 59 00
Fax.: +41 44 807 59 01
Email: info.ch@deutschebahn.com

Management board:

Martin Brunner (chairman of the management board)
Ivo Deutsch